Baby and Story Massage

Baby Massage

The perfect way to bond with your baby,  other benefits include:

Relaxation, Aids Sleep, Relieves Discomfort of Colic, Helps Digestion, Promotes a Feeling of Wellbeing, Improves Circulation, Increased Flexibility, Sensory Stimulation, Eases Teething Pain, Calmer response to stress or pain, Less Crying , Positive interaction between mother and baby

Suitable for babies from 6 weeks to crawling, (although you are welcome to attend prior and observe or practice on a doll).

Tuition is available either individually or in small groups in Malvern or Upton upon Severn.

Please get in contact to discuss tuition in your home.

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Story Massage

Combining the creativity of story telling with the benefits of massage. Simple movements associated with words in a story.  Everyone can join in, whatever age or ability.

Creates relaxation and calm with your child, ideal for a bedtime routine.

Strengthens bonds and gives your child your individual attention.
Helps children with their self esteem and confidence.

Story Massage focuses on the shoulders, back, arms and head.   Movements are safe and can be adapted to suit varying personalities and temperaments. Positive touch through storytelling can be especially beneficial for children with additional needs or anxiety.

Please contact me for further details.

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